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If you’ve been told graphic design is just about making something look good–you’ve been told wrong. Graphic design is about communication–visual communication. It’s the art of combining words and images to express a specific message…to a specific audience…to produce a specific effect.


But, just because someone knows how to use design software, doesn’t mean they’re a graphic designer. (There's a difference between a handyman and an architect.)


Nowadays, we’re surrounded by information pollution. That’s what I’m calling it. We’re constantly bombarded with messages through traditional, digital and social media. It can make your head spin. It also makes it difficult for businesses to break through the clutter and communicate to their audience.


Let me show you how I communicate with some examples of my design work. Let me wow you.


PORTFOLIO  | let me wow you.


Branding: It's a word often used, but not often understood. Branding is the whole shebang. Not only a logo, or a look; but a feeling. What do people think when they hear your company name?


I understand branding. Not only from the perspective of a designer, but from the point-of-view of a business owner.


As a new mom living on the island of Hawaii, I started a parenting magazine. What began as a way to share information among parents, grew into an award-winning bimonthly publication. However, the process wasn’t easy.
Let me show you.

About  |  LET ME TELL YOU.

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For the past seventeen years, I’ve worked as a professional graphic designer. And, for the majority of that time, I’ve been my own boss and ran a successful freelance business. (I like being the boss–just ask my husband.)


My clients range from international magazines to local non-profits. And, if you’ve worked with me in the past, you know I’m a hard-working, dedicated and talented designer. If you haven’t worked with me yet, what's the holdup?


Anyone can learn how to use design software, but it takes someone special to effectively communicate through design. I’m special. And, I know what I’m doing. Let me tell you.


Contact  |  let me work for you.

If you'd like more information on how nolesdesign can help your business or organization, please contqct me or fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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